Badges and Titles


Throughout your travels, you will encounter various opportunities to obtain badges. Badges are recognitions that you have completed difficult and arduous tasks. Badge tasks often include defeating a large number of the same kind of monster, defeating towers, completing Crafting assignments, or helping to protect an organisation.

You can look at what badges you have, the badges you have discovered, and your progress for each badge on your Character Screen by pushing 'C'. You can also choose a badge to display as your title on your name plate, or choose 'No Title' and have the default title display. The default title consists of two parts. The first is your level status and the second is the kind of wizard you are based on your school.

Badges and Titles

Based on level:
  • Level 1-5: Novice
  • Level 6-10: Apprentice
  • Level 10-15: Initiate
  • Level 15-20: Journeyman
  • Level 20-30: Adept
  • Level 30-40: Magus
  • Level 40-49: Master
  • Level 50-59: Grandmaster
  • Level 60: Legendary
Based on school:
  • Life School: Theurgist
  • Balance School: Sorcerer
  • Myth School: Conjurer
  • Fire School: Pyromancer
  • Death School: Necromancer
  • Ice School: Thaumaturge
  • Storm School: Diviner
Gameforge Support Team

Gameforge employees have their own badge: Gameforge Support. If someone claims they are a Gameforge employee but cannot show you this badge, report them immediately.